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WA-106 Basket Washer

The WA106 Basket Washer is great for washing small batches of fruits and vegetables up to 45 lbs. each batch.  It is especially effective in removing mud and soil.  The products are loaded and then the cycle is started from the control panel.  The washer cycles for a preset time.  Circular currents rotate the product in the wash basket and dirt falls through the 2mm (1/8 in) openings in the bottom.  After the wash cycle is complete, the basket is lifted to dump the washed product into a tote, table or exit conveyor.  The wash water remains in the washer.  It is easy to use and is great for small work cells, school systems, commissaries and large restaurants.

WA-306 Continuous Wash System

The perfect washer for a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Spiral currents carry the product gently through the washer, while depositing dirt in the bottom.  Product can be loaded into the feed end by hand or with a feed conveyor.  The product is discharged via the exit conveyor.  An air knife at the end of the conveyor assures that no product clings to the belt.  Air injection is possible, for products that are difficult to sink.  The conveyor and panels are easily disassembled for cleaning.  When a double wash is required, one washer can feed the second.  Washing capacity is between 850 to 1,100 lbs/hr, depending on the product being washed.

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